Forced Strip and Masturbation

16:47 video

Ashley is home for the summer from school and one of her rich neighbors has a pool and a hot tub. This is supposed to be summer vacation right??? So during the day while her neighbor is at work, she has been crashing his pool and hot tub until today! When he comes home from work early, she is caught red-handed and that is where the fun begins. He tells Ashley that he is going to tell her parents as a way to blackmail her into doing what he wants and controlling her. He tells her the only way to really enjoy the hot tub is to be in it naked and he takes his clothes off, exposing his cock to her, and getting in. He forces her to take her clothes off too and it makes him hard and he jerks off in front of her as he stares at her perky tits and ass. Eventually, he makes her masturbate for him while he jerks his long hard cock in the hot tub. They both orgasm and he tells her she should come back soon!

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